My name is Parmata, an Immigrant in Spain. I moved to Spain seven (7) years ago. I went through my own fair share of ups and downs, confusion, lack of information, language barrier, hardship as an immigrant in Spain.

I am a Lawyer from Nigeria and a Masters holder in International Commercial law from Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom.

Due to my experiences, I realised that a lot of immigrants in Spain do not really understand the Spanish Legal system. I also realised that a lot of people don’t share their experiences for other immigrants to learn from, or do not have the time, skills or resources to share those experiences. This made me realise the problem and think of a solution that might help others. This was how Macarius Legal was born.

The fact that you are here reading this blog shows that you are experiencing your own difficulty. Please feel free to contact me or reach me via my contact page, LinkedIn or Facebook.