Types of Spanish Work Contract Part 1


In this type of contract, there is no time limit. This type of contract can be verbally or in writing, verbal contracts are not generally common in Spain. This type of contract can be either full time or part-time agreements. Having an indefinite contract is like having a real treasure in Spain. Without an indefinite contract it will be difficult to rent a house, buy a car, buy property, buy things on installment payments, etc.  Having an indefinite contract in Spain is gold. This is considered one of the best contracts in Spain because the job is stable, and the salary is fixed.

TEMPORARY CONTRACTS (Article 12 Workers Statute)

Temporary Contracts can be one of these:

  • Contract for a specific type of job, task or service:

The nature of this type of contract is limited in time, but if the job exceeds 1 year, the employer must give the employee an advance notice of 15 days before the end of the service to terminate the contract, if the employer refuses to do so, the employee is entitled to compensation.

  • Contract for production services:

This type of contract is aimed at meeting circumstantial requirements, e.g. too many orders the company has to dispatch, backlog, etc. This contract does not usually exceed 6 months within a 12month period.

  • Temporary Replacement Contract:

This contract is given to replace a worker who has the right to his/her position. For instance, a worker on sick leave, or maternity leave, etc. The contract must specify the worker replaced and the reason for replacement.

TRAINING CONTRACTS (Article 11 Workers Statute)

This type of contract is for people without work experience or people who do not have the basic qualification required for a definite work contract. Based on the law a training contract is given to a person who is between the ages of 16 and 21. But it’s not illegal for people above age 21 to be given a training contract (it is allowed for people till age 24). The contract is usually for a period of 6 months but should not exceed two years but can be extended to four years for the handicapped. 


For you to be given a work experience contract, you must fulfil the following:

  • The employee must be a university graduate or have a vocational training qualification or something equivalent.
  •  The work must be given not more than 4 years since the employee graduated or since the qualification or studies were validated in Spain and also not more than 6 years if the contract is for a disabled workerThe contract must run for a minimum of 6 months and not longer than 2 years.


  1. INDEFINITE CONTRACT (CONTRATO INDEFINIDO/CONTRATO FIJO): This type of contract is considered endless, infinite, limitless. 
  2. TEMPORARY CONTRACTS (CONTRATO TEMPORAL): This type of contract is an agreement by the employer and employee, for an employee to work for a specific limited amount of time such as during the summer, during holidays, etc. 


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