Spanish Work Contract

Spanish Employment Contract varies, you need to be aware of what type of contract you have because most times the employer does not explain this in detail to you. 

If you work for an Employer or Entrepreneur, the laws of the “Workers Statute” guide you, but if you work for the government as a civil servant, then the “Statute of Civil Service” guides you.  

For this blog, I will make references from the Workers Statute which governs the type of work done by Foreigners in Spain. Foreigners are allowed to work in Spain, they can enter into a contract as long as they are of legal age (See Article 7C, Workers Statute). You must know that all types of employment contracts in Spain must have the following : 

  1. Identity of the parties, i. e. the employer and employee and their addresses (the address where the employer’s office is situated and the residential address of the employee), and also the address where the employee will work (if it is different from the employer’s office).
  2. The date the work starts, the type of work, the category of the type of job, the duration and how the hours are determined.
  3. The salary, when the salary will be paid and supplements of pay (over time, payment during holidays, etc).
  4.  The period of notice is important if the employer or employee would like to terminate the contract.
  5. The agreement applied to the employment relationship.


  1. WORKERS STATUTE (Estatuto de los trabajadores, ET): a statute, law, or ordinance for workers which is established by laws and customs from the government.
  2. EMPLOYER (EMPLEADOR): A person or company that provides a job paying wages or salary to one or more people. 
  3. EMPLOYEE (EMPLEADO): A person employed by another usually for wages or salary and in position below the executive level.


  1. Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Workers’ Statute. Approves the Consolidated Text of the Law on the Workers’ Statute (2015).
  2. L & E Global. (2019). Employment Law Overview Spain 2019-2020. Barcelona: L & E Global Spain.

2 thoughts on “Spanish Work Contract

  1. This is very good information to note, but language barrier could be a challenge especially as a foreigner, how where you able to marry it with your career that makes you fly high in knowing this extent about the country?, because this is one of the country I desired to live in.


    1. Thank you for your question Joy. Spain is becoming really international, a lot of people here do speak and understand English. It is always a plus learning Spanish. I had to learn Spanish and I improve everyday. Your desire to live in Spain could be possible.


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